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Rescue Mediumship

Rescue Mediumship Certification Lessons 
The field of Spirit Rescue ……. This course will provide an introduction to the ethics, theories and practices to the field of Spirit Rescue.
Please note, prior to the start of the Rescue Program first class session, a detailed course syllabus will be emailed to each participant 


Rescue Mediumship Levels I, II, III (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

Weeks 1 – 10


Through instruction by internationally recognized Spirit Rescue Specialist Amy Major, students will be provided the opportunity to develop the multitude of skills to support spirits in their transition or “crossing over '' and to support clients who may be experiencing a haunting. The program aims to empower those in the field of Spirit Rescue to feel confident in their ability to work within the spirit realm, feeling self-assured in their abilities to read energy, discern information they receive from spirit, stand in their power, feeling protected and safe regardless of what may be encountered. Please see course content below for further details.


Course Content:


Rescue Mediumship Week 1: Foundation of Rescue Mediumship

This lesson will focus on the understanding and importance of rescue mediumship and how it differs from psychic mediumship. This lesson also focuses on developing a foundation of knowledge of the planes of existence, clairs, aura and more.


Rescue Mediumship Week 2: Spirit Team

This lesson will focus on expanding knowledge on the variety of spiritual helpers you may have on your spirit team and how they may communicate with you. We will also explore who may try to step into your spirit team, learning how to recognize a true vs false helper.


Rescue Mediumship Week 3: Reading Energy

This lesson will focus on the steps to link into energy, holding the link and learning how to interpret and discern between information you receive from spirit and more.


Rescue Mediumship Week 4: Protection (basic), Clearing and Shutting Down

This lesson will focus on basic protection (shielding, standing in your power, tools for protection and more), clearing yourself (energy clearing with tools, elements, visualization and more) and exploring the practice of shutting down.


Rescue Mediumship Week 5: Earthbound Spirits

This lesson will focus on expanding your knowledge on earthbound spirits. We will be identifying the difference between a ghost and spirit as well as elements, layers of the soul, Level 1-3 spirits and exploring how earthbound spirits may present themselves to you.


Rescue Mediumship Week 6: Direct Rescue Mediumship and Advanced Spirit Forms

This lesson will focus on the ins and outs of direct rescue mediumship. Topics discussed include how spirits find you, considerations when you are in the presence of spirit, communication styles, reading through the energetic layers of a spirit, supporting the spirit transition or “crossing over”, specialized forms of direct rescue (ex: crisis rescue, hostage situations, fragmented souls) and more.


Rescue Mediumship Week 7: Indirect Rescue Mediumship

This lesson focuses on the practice of indirect rescue mediumship. Topics discussed include bringing in spirit, remote viewing, protection of your space and more.


Rescue Mediumship Week 8: Boundaries and Emotional/Mental Conditioning

This lesson will focus on understanding and setting your own boundaries while utilizing a variety of tools, resources and processes to support you in affirming your intentions. In addition, we will also be discussing how spirit affects you through emotional and mental conditioning and identifying skills to utilize within your practice to cope with the impacts of spirit conditioning.


Rescue Mediumship Week 9: Residual vs Spirit Energy, Spirit Doors and Vortexes

This lesson will focus on understanding the differences between residual and spirit energy as well as practical tools to discern which energy you are interacting with. In addition, this lesson supports students in having a more comprehensive understanding of spiritual doors, how to identify a spiritual door or vortex, how to close spiritual doors and more.


Rescue Mediumship Week 10: Entities and Advanced Protection

This lesson focuses on providing education to those who work within the field of spirit rescue regarding types of entities practitioners may come across (ex: demons, ET’s, reptilians, multi-dimensionals, manifested entities and more). In addition, we will explore spiritual laws, advanced protection techniques and specialized spirit forces and much more.

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