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Attachment Removal

 Attachment Removal Levels I, II, III (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced)

 Weeks 11 – 18


Through instruction by internationally recognized Spirit Rescue Specialist Amy Major, students will be provided the knowledge and understanding to work within attachment removal, a specialty of the Spirit Rescue field. Through expert instruction, students will be given the knowledge and skills to understand, identify, clear attachments and protect themselves during the clearing process. Please see course content below for further details.


Course Content:


Attachment Removal Week 1: You Are Energy

This lesson will focus on the understanding of how energy works, flows, is projected and how we may use energy. We will also explore how the aura is an extension of our chakra system, how attachments may affect our chakras as well as exploring how to keep our aura strong and protected while working with attachments.


Attachment Removal Week 2: Energetic Bodies

This lesson will explore energetic bodies and the construction of the soul, how attachments embed into the energetic bodies and how attachments may impact energetic bodies.


Attachment Removal Week 3: Attachments and Detachments

This lesson will center on manifested and intelligent attachments, understanding the difference. In addition, we will explore what are detachments and how they impact the emotional, physical and mental bodies of our soul.


Attachment Removal Week 4: Points of Entry & Release

This lesson will focus on providing students the understanding and knowledge on how and where attachments are able to easily enter or exit the body.  


Attachment Removal Week 5: Identifying, Signs and Symptoms of Attachments

This lesson seeks to teach students how to identify attachments and further their understanding of the signs and symptoms of an attachment. This lesson also will explore how to identify a manifested attachment versus an intelligent attachment.


Attachment Removal Week 6: Feeding the Attachment and Setting Intention

This lesson aims to support students in their understanding of how the host of the attachment is able to feed the attachment through energy stimulation, the impacts of feeding the attachment and how to communicate with the attachment. This lesson also focuses on the importance of raising ones frequency within the work of attachment removal, providing practical strategies to keep yours or tips to support others in raising their own frequency.


Attachment Removal Week 7: Protection

This lesson will support students in feeling confident in their ability to protect themselves and others from attack by attachments. Within this lesson we will explore stripping the energetic layers, using white light/other colours of light and more as a means of protection.


Attachment Removal Week 8: The Clearing Process and Post Clearing Expectations

This lesson provides students with the step-by-step instructions to be provided with the knowledge to successfully remove and clear an attachment from an energetic body. In addition, this lesson focuses on the post-review after the attachment is cleared, ensuring either the student or their client’s energy is cleared. 

What your client can expect afterwards

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