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Terms & Conditions

Here at, we take the field of Spirit Rescue seriously. We ask that all students are respectful of their peers, even if the opinions of one is different than another. In the past, Spirit Rescue has not been officially structured which has required mediums to establish their own rescue techniques. As a result, there are many understandings of Spirit Rescue, not everyone will work the same way. We ask that each student be respectful of the various techniques that individuals bring to the field of Spirit Rescue. Amy Major's mentorship program is designed to provide you with a foundation and guidance of rescue mediumship and spirit rescue. Personal approaches will be encouraged to develop from this foundation.


Terms of the Program


* Each student is required to sign up for all courses in the mentorship program regardless if they have taken the class in the last few months, or last few years. The program will not be broken into smaller classes.

* Class size will be limited to 40 students per program. If the registration deadline is missed, you can register for the next 6-month program.

*Students may withdraw from participation in classes if they have taken the class within the last year. Class credit will still be awarded.

*Students are not required to show up to a live classes. Weekly recordings of class will be provided, allowing for students to watch at their own discretion. Please be aware, live participation will allow students the opportunity to ask personal questions. Personal questions can and will be honored through email if the student is not present during live classes.

*Instructor Amy Major will be available to answer questions via email if the student has additional questions. Please allow a few days for a response.

*A ZOOM community group will be created and paid for by for each 6-Month Mentorship Program. This is to provide an opportunity for students to meet regularly and connect, review information and share experiences with each other. After the completion of the program the ZOOM community group will be disabled. If students wish to create their own group, this can be done at their own discretion.


Payment Terms


Each student is required to pay the full amount of the class, regardless of attendance to live classes.


Students will be offered an option to pay in installments. Installments must be paid in full by the end of the program. Certificates will not be awarded to students who owe a balance.  Payments will be made via PayPal. PayPal will open a dispute with any students that do not pay for 3 consecutive payments. Future classes or recordings will be withheld until payments are caught up.


If a student withdraws from the program and they have a payment plan, the full amount must still be paid. In this case, the individual is taking the spot of another student. Therefore, if the student decides to leave the program, they are still registered for the entire program period and payment is required.


Payment Plans


Payment options are available for students. Please see below.

  • 1 full payment of $1500

  • 6 Monthly payments of $250

  • 12 Bi-Weekly payments of $125


Discount for Previous Students


Students that have proof of class participation in Rescue Mediumship or Attachment Removal in the previous 12 months will receive a $500 discount. Discount rate only applies until June 2023. After June 2023, all students are seen as new students.


Discounted rate options:

  • 1 payment of $1000

  • 6 Monthly payments of $167

  • 12 Bi-Weekly payments of $84




Sharing class recordings is prohibited with people outside of class.

All recordings provided in class is owned by Amy Major and may not be sold or reproduced by students.


All recordings must be saved by students on their home devices. Recordings will only be saved on Amy's cloud device for 4 weeks. All recordings will be lost after 4 weeks. If you lose a recording, please contact Amy Major.


Agreeing to these terms are required to participate and receive certification. The registration form has a terms and conditions button that must say yes in order to be registered.

Agreeing to these terms are required to participate and receive certification. The registration form has a terms and conditions button that must say 'yes' in order to be registered. 

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