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Spiritual & Psychic Protection

                                                                                          Spiritual and Psychic Protection

                                                                                                                                       Weeks 22 – 24


Through the instruction by internationally recognized Spirit Rescue Specialist Amy Major, students will be provided the instruction to develop their skills in advanced spiritual and psychic protection. The program aims to empower those in the field of Spirit Rescue to feel confident in their ability to work within the spirit realm, feeling prepared with the knowledge acquired to remain safe while working with spirits and/or entities. Please see course content below for further details.


Course Content


Spiritual and Psychic Protection Week 1:

This lesson will focus on providing students with the ability to protect not only themselves but others within the field of spirit. The focus of the lesson is to prepare students with the ability to not be influenced by low-level, dense negative energy. Students will be provided the knowledge in order to dissipate negative intention, cut cords, re-program energy and more.


Spiritual and Psychic Protection Week 2: Universal/Spiritual Law and Specialized Teams for Protection

Within this lesson, Amy will explore Universal and Spiritual Law. Topics discussed include the Laws of Karma, Laws of Free-Will, Laws of Order, Laws of the physical world, the do’s and don’ts of the spirit world and more. Students will also be provided the knowledge of various specialized teams and from the world reinforcements of spirit who students may call on for protective support.


Spiritual and Psychic Protection Week 3: Emotional/Mental Conditioning and Strategies for Protection

This lesson will explore how spirits/entities impact a person through emotional and mental conditioning. This lesson will provide students with the knowledge to be able to protect their energy, hold space within their environment, learning advanced techniques of healing and shielding the aura, exploring the 3 stages of protection and more.

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