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Home & Space Clearing   

Home and Space Clearing

                                                                                                                                   Weeks 19 – 21


Home/Space clearing is a form of energy work that removes negative or dense residual energy clusters and imprints or spirits themselves from places like businesses, homes, schools, daycare centers, old mills, shopping centers, restaurants, etc. Through instruction by internationally recognized Spirit Rescue Specialist Amy Major, students will be provided the ability to develop the knowledge and skills to support individuals/clients who are impacted by these energies. The program aims to support those within the field of Spirit Rescue to feel confident in their abilities to successfully complete a home or space clearing from the comfort of their own home.

Please see course content below for further details.


Course Content



Home and Space Clearing Week 1: Reading the Energy

This lesson will provide students with instruction on the varied types of reading and identifying sources of energy. Topics that will be discussed include the walkthrough process, going through the auric layers of the land, spirits/entities/multi-dimensional/elementals and layers of dimensions, timelines and more.


Home and Space Clearing Week 2: Clearing, Cycles and Rhythms

Within this lesson, students will be provided with the necessary skills in order to clear energy and the knowledge in order to utilize the natural and supernatural cycles and rhythms to successfully enhance their practice.


Home and Space Clearing Week 3: Sealing and Protecting

This lesson will focus on practical and efficient forms of protection while working within the specialized field of attachment removal. Topics discussed will include tools to seal perimeters, energy and crystal grids, talismans, providing support to the homeowner and more. 

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