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Spirit Rescue Program

Rescue Mediumship 1, 11, 111
Attachment Removal
Home & Space Clearing
Spiritual & Psychic Protection

These 4 areas of study taught by Amy Major over the course of 6 months (24 weeks). Students will be given course instruction, meditations, exercises and homework assignments. Each field of study will be broken down by week so that students are prepared for topics to be discussed. Each class will have questions emailed out with the class recording each week. Questions are required to be answered either in class or by email. Class participation is not required due to time zone limitations. As long as the student can answer the questions with a 70% accuracy, they will be awarded the Certificate of Completion.

Rescue Mediumship 1, 11, 111
Weeks 1-10
Attachment Removal
Weeks 11-18
Home & Space Clearing
Weeks 19-21
Spiritual & Psychic Protection
Weeks 22-24

Colorful Books

Beter than just Books

Learn through Instruction and get the opportunity to ask personal questions.

Study Group on the Grass

Study with a Community

You aren't alone in your work, nor do you need to study alone.

Horror scene of a scary woman.jpg

Work on Cases

Get hands on experience

Smiling Colleague

Receive Feedback

Let Amy give you helpful feedback on your journey

Benefits of the Rescue Mentorship Program

What You Will Learn From The Program:

Core Foundations

This development course will give you the core foundations and advanced teachings to understand and start your personal journey within the field of Spirit Rescue, or to expand on existing knowledge.  

Advanced Training

You will receive advanced training within the field of attachment removal, gaining the knowledge to understand, recognize, identify and remove spiritual attachments

Discover & Learn

Discover how to provide house clearings, remotely or in person

Deeper Understanding

Understand what it takes to protect energy spiritually or psychically from all forms of psychic attack

What You Can Expect From The Rescue Mediumship Program:

Courses that provide rich hands-on learning opportunities

Expert guidance and coaching from internationally recognized Spirit Rescue Specialist Amy Major

Opportunities to receive helpful feedback directly from Amy Major

Flexible schedule to meet your needs

In and out of class experiential learning

Advanced Rescue Development Circle: Opportunity to join monthly group rescue circles

Networking with other specialists in the field of Spirit Rescue

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be invited to register with the Spirit list of approved Spirit Rescue Specialists. Please see Class Structure for further details. 

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

Paranormal Investigators

Expand your knowledge about ghosts and help them cross over during investigations.

Public Speaker

Spiritual Leaders

Expand your awareness of the spirit world and the many spirits that reside in the spirit world.

Holding Tarot Card


Expand your ESP abilities by learning how to read energy of spaces, homes, people, and spirits.

Holding Hands


Expand your mediumship skills by learning about earthbound spirits and helping them into the light.

close up of woman hands with shamanic fire outdoors.jpg


Expand your knowledge of the spirit world by learning new techniques and terms.

Certification Requirements: 


Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion for your personal and/or professional practice. To successfully complete the course requirements, students must complete all weekly homework questions. Questions are required to be answered either in-class or through email submission. Class recordings will be emailed to participants each week. After the final week of the course, students are required to complete a final quiz via email with a passing score of at minimum 70% in order to receive certification. Due to time zone limitations, class participation is not required.

Program Details:


Offered by: 

Amy Major, Spirit Rescue Specialist  


Ways to Study: 



Course Participants:

Maximum 40 participants


Winter Entry: 



Summer Entry: 



Certification Offered: 



January - June Mentorship Program. 

Tuesdays, 7PM Eastern Standard Time

Dates January 3rd-June 13th


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July - December Mentorship Program. 

Mondays, 7PM Eastern Standard Time

Dates July 3rd-December 11th

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