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An Online Spirit Rescue Course & Community

Spirit Rescue Mentorship Program 

The Spirit Rescue Course Program has been designed to structure an online learning experience for the education and training in rescue mediumship, clearing, attachment removal, and protection in the field of spirit rescue. Each course outlines a specific area of study. Online learning will be conducted through Zoom. Courses will take 6 months to complete. Certifications will be obtained at the end of the program. Please click learn more for course outlines.

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First Segment

Class 1-10


Second Segmant

Class 11-18

Woman’s hand holding bundle of dried sage herb, performing smudging ritual, cleansing nega

Third Segment

Class 19-21


Fourth Segment

Class 22-24

Support Group
Working on laptop


“I have been a student of Amy Major’s for several years now.  I, myself, have been a practicing medium and shaman for 30-years.  Serious practitioners know that our learning never stops and we learn from everyone, including our clients, students and other practitioners.  Our job is to connect-the-dots; that said, when we need to refine our skills on another level in order to be of further service, the universe, often, puts the teacher in our path:  Amy Major has been this person.  While listening to the national radio program, Coast-to-Coast (on the ABC networks), I heard Amy Major interviewed by George Noory.   The topic was “Rescue Mediumship,” a topic, then, unfamiliar to me.  Subsequently, I bought Amy’s books; and after this, I enrolled in her online course in “Rescue Mediumship.”  An eye-opener.  The course outline followed Amy’s books, and l learned degrees of expertise about another area of mediumship.  I highly recommend Amy as a teacher and practitioner.” – Joseph D., New York City.

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